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Nijat Sarkhanov was born in 1996 in the city of Shirvan, Azerbaijan. After graduating from high school in Shirvan, he continued his university life in the Republic of Turkey. He completed his bachelor's degree at the "Ondokuz Mayis University" program with 'Psychological Counseling and Guidance'. He is an author who conducts research in psychology and sub-fields. He presented his books to his readers by Nobel Scientific Works and Cinius Publishers.His published books "Psychological Thought, Power, Society and the Role Requests of Authority in Contemporary Life" and "Neuropsychology Love Fondness and Family, definition of relations " Languages he knows; Azerbaijani, Turkish, English and Arabic languages.

Areas of specialization; Good observation skills, mental deduction, formation of psychological games and environments, reading body language, communication management, measurements and methods, thinking and behavior orientation (mentalist).

Nijat Sarkhanov

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